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Set up for one cloud - use with all clouds

With meshStack, multiple cloud platform integrations are eliminated. Once set up for one cloud, you can add more cloud platforms for the enterprise with just a few clicks. Instead of cloud silos with months-long integration projects, you get an integrated control center for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure Cloud Foundry Google Cloud Kubernetes Openshift Openstack

A hand full of cloud platforms.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our SaaS model, implementation in your IT landscape takes place in the shortest possible time.

Excellent support

Our experienced Customer Success team is on hand to ensure your Cloud Journey is successful.

100% customer satisfaction

Our customers rely permanently on meshStack for their successful cloud journey.

Weekly updates

meshStack is constantly being developed further and regularly receives new functions.

Made in Germany

meshStack is also suitable for operation in highly regulated environments, such as in the financial or infrastructure sectors, thanks to its extensive compliance support. meshcloud is ISO27001 certified.

Well documented

meshStack has detailed documentation for onboarding, configuration and operation. In the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) we show best practices for the Cloud Journey.

Multiple awards & certifications


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Our Vision


The meshcloud platform helps large enterprises bring digital innovations to market faster. With easy and secure access to a wide range of cloud technologies for software developers, we accelerate our customers’ cloud transformation. At the same time, the platform provides control and transparency to enable an efficient and secure cloud strategy. This allows our customers’ more than a thousand users to focus on their core business: developing digital applications in industries such as automotive, finance and energy.

Who we are


meshcloud was founded in 2017 by Jörg, Johannes and Christina in Frankfurt. Already in the first year, we were able to convince large German companies of our solution and continue to do so today. Our teams consist of qualified experts in various fields and are constantly growing. We are very proud of our corporate culture and strive to continue to create a work environment that is characterized by enthusiasm, mutual support and success. You will soon find a closer look at the core values of our corporate culture on this page.

How we work


Our vision “Empower humans to build a better future” is not only important to us when we think about our customers, but also an integral part of our everyday work. At meshcloud, your ideas count! At meshcloud, your ideas count! With smart processes, our teams effectively drive improvements and have a great impact on the development of our product and meshcloud in general. Our teams have full responsibility for their areas and do not have to wait for long approval processes due to our flat hierarchies.

We have a rather unusual organizational structure for many, which we can gladly explain to you in detail during the interview. In a nutshell: You will mainly work in small, cross-functional teams that organize themselves and work towards clear goals. In addition, you will have dedicated time to interact with your “flock” members who are experts in the same field as you – be it engineering, marketing, finance and many more.

Perks & Benefits

Team Building Events


Gym Membership

Mentor Program

Mobility Budget


Fruits & Drinks in the office

Lunch Budget

and much more


We are very happy to be able to offer remote work to all our employees. The highlight: After onboarding, you get the opportunity to work from anywhere inside of Germany. But don’t worry even with all this flexibility we still find time to regularly meet up for example, in weekly remote coffee breaks or live teambuilding events from time to time.

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Our Interview Process


Below you will find some information on our interview process. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us via Please make sure to send out your applications only via the “Apply now” button. Applications can be send to us in English or German.

First Interview


After receiving your application we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. If your application made us curious, you will receive an invitation link for a first 40-60 minute video call. HR and one of our meshis are going to introduce meshcloud to you, tell you more about the position and of course also want to get to know you, hear from your past experiences and why you think meshcloud could be a good fit.

Second Interview


If you made it to the next round the second interview gets a little bit more technical. You will typically receive a tasks to prepare before the interview, or in our Engineering positions have a whole day with different tasks and exercises. The goal of the interview is to get to know your professional expertise and to also introduce you to several of our meshis, so that you get a great insight about what working at meshcloud could be like.

Third Interview


The final stage: the third interview

At meshcloud teamwork is one of the most important parts of our daily routine. Due to our special organizational structure you might be working with different people from time to time in order to reach certain goals. We value each other a lot and know how important it is for everyone to work with passion on their projects. In the third interview we want to give you a more detailed insight about how we work, what our benefits look like and also want to see if meshcloud could be a place of work where you feel fulfilled in. Let’s find out together 🙂

The third interview usually takes about 45 minutes and is most of the times the last step before we would make an offer to you.


meshcloud on stage

We love events

Join us for exciting events where tech enthusiasts connect, exchange ideas, receive feedback, and embark on collaborative ventures. Explore our diverse range of online workshops and dive into enriching discussions.

Our meshcloud workshops

Learn more about the latest approaches to cloud governance, find out how to efficiently secure and manage complex multi-cloud environments.

In our series of webinars, you have the chance to get to know meshcloud and take away interesting impulses for the implementation of your cloud strategy. In the one-hour sessions, we will address various aspects of cloud governance, from the general strategic approach to the technical implementation of a comprehensive cloud security concept.

We are pleased to take you with this format into the world of cloud-native organizations.

Christina Kraus

Looking for a speaker for your cloud event?

Our founders and staff are skilled speakers with years of experience in the cloud-native world. These are some of the topics we have covered in our Talks so far:

  • Avoiding vendor lock-in in a highly concentrated cloud market
  • The importance of identity in multi-cloud management
  • Cloud-native Organization - Getting ready for cloud-native development
  • Effective management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Agility vs. control: The right path to multi-cloud management
  • Multi-cloud management - make or buy?




With our partnerships we want to create an ideal environment for your successful cloud journeys: From consulting to development and implementation.




KPMG is an organization of independent member firms with more than 236,000 employees in 144 countries and territories. At KPMG in Germany, we have established cross-divisional specialization for key sectors of our economy. This is where the experience of experts around the world comes together and makes an additional contribution to the quality of advice. This is also the case in the cloud environment in the financial sector: Here, we combine our technical expertise with our experience in the environment of IT compliance and security and, together with meshcloud, offer an end-to-end solution for building a cloud foundation in the financial sector.


Liquid Reply

Liquid Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in Container Orchestration, Cloud Native Development and FinOps. The team focuses on multi- and hybrid cloud solutions, site reliability engineering and operational enablement. As a development partner, Liquid Reply strengthens an enterprise-wide cloud-based culture and helps companies embrace the ever-changing IT universe as part of their own DNA. The team ensures full cloud-native potential by providing a holistic approach to people, systems, and multi- and hybrid-cloud strategies.



As a companion and partner, we help companies to make real innovative leaps through the intelligent use of cloud, outsourcing, and Big Data & AI, and to position themselves permanently for the future. microfin has been cooperating with meshcloud since 2020. We bring together strategic, technical-organizational and cultural requirements in cloud foundations and support their implementation. With consulting, solutions and knowledge building, microfin empowers people to shape transformations in IT. Driven by enabling transformation



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What is...? Cloud Foundation von meshcloud

Brief description: This is how our Cloud Foundation platform works

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Press review

meshcloud in the media

meshcloud launcht Open-Source-Anwendung Collie: Cloud-Aktivitäten im Überblick behalten (9. August 2021)
Der Launch unserer open-source Multi-Cloud CLI Collie wurde von LANline veröffentlicht. (DE)

Cloud Transformation: 5 Faktoren für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung (9. Juni 2021)
In unserem t3n-Artikel spricht Christina Kraus über Erfolgskriterien bei der Cloud-Transformation. (DE)

Cloud-Security: 5 Ansätze mit Zukunftspotenzial (27. April 2021)
Lernen Sie mehr über Cloud-Security in unserer Publikation auf (DE)

Trends im Cloud-Computing (5. März 2021)
Im März veröffentlichten wir einen Gastbeitrag in LANline. (DE)

Grundlagen moderner Unternehmen – Christina Kraus, die Cloud-Managerin (27. Januar 2021)
Im Januar nahm Christina Kraus am Podcast “So techt Deutschland” von n-tv teil. (DE)

Sicher und komfortabel in allen Wolken (15. Januar 2021)
Im Januar diesen Jahres finden Sie ein Porträt über meshcloud in den VDI Nachrichten. (Print & E-Paper) (DE)

Vom Kosten- zum Umsatztreiber: Wie Cloud Computing die Rolle der IT verändert (Dezember 10, 2020)
Lesen Sie diesen Artikel auf TechRadar, um zu erfahren, wie die Unternehmens-IT vom Kosten- zum Umsatztreiber werden kann, indem DevOps-Teams die unendlichen Möglichkeiten der Cloud nutzen können (DE).

Regulatorik und die Cloud: So gelingt das Zusammenspiel in der Praxis (Oktober 21, 2020)
Lesen Sie einen Artikel über Cloud Regulatorik auf, der von unserer Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus geschrieben wurde (DE).

Mehr Souveränität in der Multicloud (September 28, 2020)
In diesem Artikel auf können Sie über Souveränität in der Multi-Cloud lesen (DE).

Cloud für Banken – eine Lebensversicherung? (August 27, 2020)
Unsere Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus diskutiert mit über Cloud Computing in Banken (DE).

Security First: Sicherheit in der Cloud als Innovationsgarant (August 3, 2020)
Lesen Sie einen Artikel über Cloud Security auf, der von unserer Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus geschrieben wurde (DE).

Cloud für Banken – eine Lebensversicherung? (August 27, 2020)
Unsere Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus diskutiert mit über Cloud Computing in Banken (DE).

5 Fragen an Christina Kraus von meshcloud, Mitglied im Rat für Digitalethik Hessen (Juli 29, 2020)
Als Mitglied im Rat für Digitalethik der hessischen Landesregierung beantwortet unsere Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus fünf Fragen in einem Video (DE).

Cloud in Europa (Juli 16, 2020)
Unsere Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus schreibt zusammen mit dem Sopra Steria & FAZ Institut darüber, wie meshcloud sowohl die organisatorische Bindung als auch die Komplexität bei der Integration mehrerer Cloud-Anbieter reduziert (DE).

Adapter für die Cloud (Juli 12, 2020)
Frankfurter Rundschau erläutert die Vision von meshcloud und unseren Weg in die Zukunft (DE).

Gaia-X: Die Zeit drängt (Juli 9, 2020)
Das europäische Cloud-Projekt Gaia-X strebt bahnbrechende digitale Innovationen an. Hier unser Kommentar dazu (DE).

Cloud Computing: 5 Grundvoraussetzungen für eine erfolgreiche Umsetzung (Mai 29, 2020)
Unsere Mitbegründerin Christina Kraus diskutiert mit über die Grundvoraussetzungen für Cloud Computing (DE).

meshcloud – Diese Gründer wollen die Cloud einfacher machen (Mai 22, 2020)
Handelsblatt spricht über meshcloud und unsere Zukunftspläne(DE).

Was die Wirtschaft in Hessen von der Fachkräftereform hält (Februar 29, 2020)
Frankfurter Allgemeine spricht über erleichterte Zuwanderung für Hochqualifizierte  (DE).

Why your organization has to be cloud-native (Januar 1, 2020)
Der CloudReport erklärt die Notwendigkeit der Cloud-Nativen Organisation, wie sie erreicht werden kann und die neuesten Entwicklungen (EN).

meshcloud in Informatik Aktuell (Juni 18, 2019)
Informieren Sie sich über Informatik Aktuell’s Multi-Cloud-Management – Agilität vs. Kontrolle (DE)

Vom Kosten- zum Umsatztreiber: Wie Cloud Computing die Rolle der IT verändert (Dezember 10, 2020)
Lesen Sie diesen Artikel auf TechRadar, um zu erfahren, wie die Unternehmens-IT vom Kosten- zum Umsatztreiber werden kann, indem DevOps-Teams die unendlichen Möglichkeiten der Cloud nutzen können (DE).

meshcloud in the IT Business (April 2, 2019)
Passend zur Keynote auf dem Hosting & Service Provider Summit 2019 im Mai diesen Jahres, hat die IT-Business einen Artikel mit unserem CEO und Mitgründer Dr. Jörg Gottschlich veröffentlicht. Darin geht es darum, wie sich die Rolle von Service Providern im Zeitalter von Hyperscalern und Multi-Cloud verändert: Hyperscaler und Service Provider in friedlicher Koexistenz? (DE)

Das Startup meshcloud ist das Startup of the Month im Februar Frankfurt Forward (April 1, 2019)
Startup Valley berichtet über meshcloud als Startup des Monats, lesen Sie mehr über unsere Reise (DE).

The Cloud in our Hands (März 19, 2019)
Open-Source-Labor & Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz erklären, wie Cloud-Technologien die Grundlage der Digitalisierung sind und wie meshcloud DevOps und IT unterstützt (EN).

Meet meshcloud – Frankfurt Forward’s Startup of the Month February 2019 (Februar 18, 2019)
In einem Interview mit StartupRadio spricht Mitgründerin Christina Kraus über die Notwendigkeit, was meshcloud ist, und über unsere Ziele (EN).

meshcloud: Cloud ist für alle ein Thema (Februar 1, 2019)
Im Interview mit Frankfurt forward erklärt die Mitgründerin Christina Kraus die Ursprünge von meshcloud und den Weg zu einem erfolgreichen Startup(DE).

meshcloud: Digitaler Enabler für die Cloud (Februar 1, 2019)
Lesen Sie darüber wie wir große Unternehmen multi-cloud-fähig machen in unserem Interview mit Station (DE).

Multi-Cloud Deep Dive with meshcloud in the CloudComputing Insider (Januar 18, 2019)
Im “Deep Dive” des CloudComputing Insiders sprechen wir über Multi-Cloud-Management und wie meshcloud große Unternehmen dabei unterstützen kann. Die meshcloud-Plattform vereinfacht organisatorische Prozesse rund um die Multi-Cloud: Zugriffsmanagement, Governance und Kostenmanagement. Klicken Sie hier für den Artikel Multi-Cloud-Management mit meshcloud. Im Video führen wir Sie live durch die Plattform (DE).

meshcloud in “Magazin Technologieland Hessen” (November 15, 2018)
Im Interview mit dem “Technologieland Hessen” spricht die Mitgründerin Christina Kraus über die Notwendigkeit, dass Unternehmen im Zuge der Digitalisierung auf Cloud Computing umsteigen (DE) (Seite 30 und 31).

Von Java zu Kotlin: In kleinen Schritten zum Ziel (August 14, 2018)
Stefan Tomm erklärt einen Wechsel von Java zu Kotlin auf Informatik Aktuell (DE).

Your contact for press inquiries

Christina Kraus

Christina Kraus is co-founder of meshcloud and responsible for sales, marketing and communication as CRO. She will be happy to answer your journalistic questions.

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About Us

About meshcloud

Momentum to the Cloud

meshcloud is a Cloud Foundation thought leader, empowering enterprise organizations to transform to the cloud in record time.

Our Mission

We enable cloud-native organizations.

meshcloud enables organizations to harness the infinite possibilities of the cloud while protecting their digital freedom. With easy and secure access to various cloud technologies for software developers, we accelerate enterprise cloud transformation. At the same time, we offer IT decision-makers maximum control and transparency for a secure and cost-effective cloud strategy.

For this idea, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has supported the founders with the EXIST grant. In the “Founder Competition – Digital Innovation 2017”, meshcloud won a grand prize. In 2018, meshcloud took second place in the Frankfurt Founder Award and participated in the “German Accelerator”. In 2019, meshcloud won the “edw Maleki Venture Award for Cyber” at the first European Digital Week. In 2020, meshcloud received funding from the StartupSecure program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for innovative startups in the field of IT security.

Our Vision

Empower humans to build a better future.

Our cloud foundation platform meshStack is the foundation for cloud transformation in leading enterprises today. Our solution reduces cloud complexity. We simplify highly complex organizational and technical processes and give every user the freedom they need to make the most of the cloud.

As an innovator, meshcloud has the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the cloud transformation of Global 2000 companies, thereby reducing workloads through process optimization, self-service and automation. A successful cloud transformation allows our customers to focus on their core business.

Founding Story

From the TU Darmstadt to the multiple award-winning ScaleUp company

The meshcloud founders Jörg Gottschlich, Christina Kraus and Johannes Rudolph are united by their enthusiasm for new technologies – since the joint founding of meshcloud in 2017, the three multi-cloud experts have been using their complementary skills and competencies to accelerate the digital transformation of companies and enable organizations to work cloud-natively with meshcloud.

Dr. Jörg Gottschlich | CEO

Dr. Jörg Gottschlich is co-founder and managing director of meshcloud. During his Ph.D. at the Department of Electronic Markets at the TU Darmstadt, he deepened his cloud computing expertise and successfully completed research on cloud brokerage and benchmarking. In addition, he has also gained several years of professional experience in strategic consulting for large enterprises within Germany and throughout Europe. Prior to that, he studied Business Informatics at the University of Bamberg.

Christina Kraus | CRO

Christina Kraus is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer responsible for marketing, sales and customer success at meshcloud. Before founding the company, she worked at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), where she promoted the networking of international smart data initiatives. Christina studied Business Informatics at the TU Darmstadt and graduated with an international master’s degree at the TU Berlin as well as in France (UFRT) and Belgium (ULB). During this time she founded and managed a web development agency.

Johannes Rudolph | CTO

Johannes Rudolph is co-founder of meshcloud and, as Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for product development up to the successful implementation of the cloud journey at the customer. His deep technical expertise is based on almost ten years of experience as a software developer and three years of entrepreneurial experience as founder and managing director of the IoT company In Motion Software & Sports Technology GmbH. Johannes holds a Master’s degree in Business Informatics from the TU Darmstadt.

Our Team

Call us meshis!

The meshcloud team consists of a growing number of meshis and lives a unique team culture where honesty, friendship and passion are paramount.

Group photos of the meshis at the company party.

Frankfurt & worldwide

Year established

Company size
30+ meshis