New Features on meshcloud: August Release Notes (2017)

By Christina Kraus29. August 2017

Instead of a lazy summer break we were working on a couple of great new features for you. We hope you enjoy them. Don’t forget, we are always happy to get your feedback and improve your cloud experience continuously.

New Feature: OpenStack Swift

We have a new feature running on meshcloud: Object Storage with OpenStack Swift. Start creating containers and storing files now.

Our Backup Service is online

Great news: You are now able to automatically backup your Cloud Foundry databases to an OpenStack Swift Container. This feature is available for PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Ready to get your automated deployments started

Our new panel functionality to create Service Users for OpenStack and Cloud Foundry gets you ready for automated deployments. Creating a Service User provides you with credentials that you can use in your continuous integration pipelines

Access your databases from outside Cloud Foundry

In some cases you may want to access your Cloud Foundry Service Databases from a local client or an app outside of Cloud Foundry. Our new Service Dashboard lets you create and manage your Service Keys.