Corona Update: meshcloud operates at full capacity

By jgottschlich23. March 2020

How meshcloud is ensuring operating at full capacity and accompanying our customers through these times to continue their digital journey.

We enable cloud-native organizations

At the very heart of meshcloud’s mission is the dedication to make our customers more flexible, powerful, and faster at building their digital capabilities by embracing agile cloud technologies.

Especially in uncertain times, focusing on effective measures is easier by reducing complexity. meshcloud works continuously to deliver well-engineered features, which strengthen the digital capabilities of our customers, and relieve them of the details of cloud infrastructure governance and operations. We supply our customers continuously with innovative features directly delivered into their own infrastructure.

A short view of meshcloud’s operating model

As a young digital enterprise, most of our processes are already digital and hence independent of physical presence. Therefore, we will just continue working on our product and our customer’s projects from distributed locations. Most of our employees are working from home now. Our operating model was already very distributed and we have ensured our “coronability” with only minor adjustments:

  • Close (but remote) collaboration with our customers: Even though we collaborate closely with our customers, we have low physical touch points – this saves our customer’s resources as well as our own, which we invest into the product’s further development. While we prefer face-to-face interaction (are you still allowed to say that? 😉 ) to discuss complex issues, we are now switching to virtual conferencing techniques for this part, too.
  • Team communication: Most of our daily team conversation is already messenger-based for a good balance of focus and collaboration. Spontaneous team break-outs to discuss special topics in depth have now been replaced by video conferences.
  • Knowledge sharing: We believe in team responsibility and therefore share and distribute knowledge about features throughout the team proactively, e.g. by having peer reviews of any piece of code entering the system. Thus, we ensure the team’s capacity to act and provide robust operations throughout special circumstances like these.
  • Distributed infrastructure: We operate on public clouds, creating and delivering a virtual product for users with remote access, making us (very) independent of customer’s or any of our own on-premise infrastructure. In fact, if you tried to optimally design a company based on requirements to continue operations during such an event, your efforts would pretty much result in what meshcloud is.

We are prepared and continue our operations without any restrictions and are able to do so for weeks to come, if necessary. Of course, we wish to see each other again rather sooner than later, but these times require us to act responsibly to mitigate the outbreak as much as possible.

What comes next?

The Corona epidemic has shaken the global society and economy and we are certain to deal with the consequences for weeks (if not months) to come. While we live through these circumstances, it is our obligation as citizens and companies to ensure the maximal extent of normal operations under the given restrictions. There is no need to stop improving, innovating, and continuing your digital endeavors – quite the contrary, as the Corona event has wiped the chessboard and re-shuffled the pieces for whole markets and industries.

Reinforcing the digital journey

From one day to the next, we woke up in a different world. Previous assumptions of doing business are gone, challenged or strengthened. A strengthened assumption certainly is the importance of digitalization as a base for innovative business models. To recover from the severe economic damage, companies need to double down on their efforts to renew their business models and transform their business to adapt to the digital age. Once the acute crisis is over, the race for fastest recovery will determine competition and therefore decide who wins and loses within markets and industries. Using the involuntary crisis break to prepare thoroughly and do your homework helps to have a head start once the economy starts to recover.

We at meshcloud work very hard every day to support and continue our customers’ digital journey as a reliable partner and innovative supplier. We provide our customers with the necessary digital infrastructure capabilities to unleash their digital opportunities – and tackle all transformational challenges this changing world brings along with it. We have done it for years, are doing now and will continue to do so in future, along with our customers, transforming industries and shaping the world of tomorrow.

Stay healthy and resilient,
All the best

Jörg Gottschlich
CEO meshcloud


To learn more about the meshcloud platform, please get in touch with our sales team or book a demo with one of our product experts. We’re looking forward to get in touch with you.