German Accelerator

The German Accelerator Tech empowers German tech startups to successfully enter the U.S. market. This year about 800 startups have applied for the German Accelerator to take advantage of the extensive program. The winners will enjoy many different workshops, customized mentoring and get access to the German Accelerator network. Out of all 800 participants, 17 […]

Deploying Meteor Apps on Cloud Foundry

Deploying Meteor Apps on Cloud Foundry This repository demonstrates different ways to deploy Meteor applications on Cloud Foundry. There are at least three different ways to deploy Meteor JS applications on Cloud Foundry: using a specialized meteor-js buildpack using the general node-js buildpack using your own docker container image While a specialized meteor buildpack like […]

Cloud native deployment for Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are a popular way to deliver modern web apps. With SPAs, users download executable Javascript code that dynamically renders content in their browser, rather than retrieving pre-rendered pages from a server application. The server application is freed from rendering HTML and instead is only responsible for providing a re-usable API to […]