Last year’s top 3 Blog Posts

We look back on an eventful and very successful year in 2017. Many thanks to all readers of our Blog for your support and valuable feedback! In the following we would like to present you our three most popular Blog Posts of the last year:   No 1: Our Top 5 instant benefits of the […]

Bitbucket Auth

Using Bitbucket Auth for Concourse Teams

All pipelines and resources in Concourse belong to a “team”. Concourse supports different authentication mechanisms for allowing users to log in to these teams and manipulate these resources. When we just started out with Concourse, we configured a simple “dev” using basic auth and shared the password using pass. As our engineering team at Meshcloud […]

JSR-363 Units of Measurement API in Practice – Blogpost Series Introduction

Many applications today deal with measurement data based on physical quantities. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us connected sensors that measure things like temperature or force and live-transmit them to applications in the cloud. Applications in the cloud again produce tons of metrics, for example about the usage of compute resources like Gigabytes […]