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Data security with our Cloud Foundry Backup Service

Data is the core of your applications. To keep it as safe as possible we offer a backup service that lets you backup your databases across locations. By doing cross-location backups you are ideally prepared for fail over scenarios. The backup service is available for all database services in our Cloud Foundry marketplace.


Cross-location Backups

Backups are stored in the object store in your prefered location and can be restored at any time.

Automated Backup Plans

Flexibly schedule your service backups.

European Privacy Regulations

All our datacenters are located within Europe and fulfill European privacy laws.

Setting up a Service Backup in Cloud Foundry

How do I set up a service backup?

With our Service dashboards, setting up a backup plan is really easy. You can define different (Swift-)Endpoints in which the backup files will be stored. Furthermore you can set backup intervals as well as retention type and periods.

Where are the backups stored?

Your database backups will be stored in the Object Storage of your favourite cloud location. Our object storage is based on OpenStack Swift.

How do I restore a database from my backup file?

You can restore your database from the service dashboard. You can either choose the service dashboard of your existing service or import the backup file into a service dashboard of a newly created service.

Cloud Foundry Fail Over Scenario

In some cases you may want to transfer your whole application to another cloud location. You can easily achieve this when using Cloud Foundry and its data services, as long as you have a backup file for your database.

Cloud locations within Europe

We operate our cloud stack in multiple locations within Europe. You can freely choose your cloud location and you will always have transparency in regard to the location of your data. Currently we offer the following locations:

Darmstadt, DARZ GmbH

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