JSR-363 Units of Measurement API in Practice – Blogpost Series Introduction

Many applications today deal with measurement data based on physical quantities. The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought us connected sensors that measure things like temperature or force and live-transmit them to applications in the cloud. Applications in the cloud again produce tons of metrics, for example about the usage of compute resources like Gigabytes […]

Caching directories in Concourse CI Pipelines

Meshcloud uses Concourse to power our continuous integration pipeline and providing continuous delivery of all components of our cloud stack, from OpenStack to Cloud Foundry deployments and the microservices making up our federation layer. Concourse biggest strength is that all build steps consume versioned inputs and run in isolated containers with well-defined input and outputs. […]

Angular 2 – a story from the trenches

Our head of software development Johannes recently presented a talk about our experience building meshpanel to the DarmstadtJS meetup group. The Meshpanel is the primary user interface our customers use to create and manage cloud computing resources across cloud platforms such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry and different datacenter locations jointly operated by meshcloud and […]

Deploying Concourse CI on OpenStack using Docker

At Meshcloud, we use a continuous delivery process to deliver cloud infrastructure and software updates. Since we operate multiple cloud platforms on a variety of hardware configurations managed by our partner providers, we need a continuous integration platform that enables us to test updates in large number of configurations before we roll them out. The continuous integration server concourse.ci is […]