Cloud Transformation in Four Steps

How your company masters a successful cloud journey

1. Establish Cloud Organization

Form a Cloud Foundation Team and set a clear Shared Responsibility Model, laying the foundation for successful cloud transformation.

2. Fulfill Security Requirements

Implement Landing Zones to uphold a consistent security baseline. Ensure adherence to all security standards and best practices.

3. Scale Cloud Operations

Offer an internal Platform for application team self-service. Manage cloud project lifecycles efficiently and streamline Day 2 Operations.

4. Control Cloud Costs

Adopt FinOps practices for enhanced cost transparency and efficient cost management, ensuring you consistently oversee your cloud expenses.

Transform Your Cloud Landscape

meshStack: The 360° Solution for Your Cloud Foundation

meshStack isn’t just another cloud management tool; it’s one integrated platform designed to give you control over your entire cloud ecosystem.

Here’s what sets meshStack apart:

  • Full Transparency across your Clouds
  • Amplified Potential of Cloud Teams
  • Cloud Cost Clarity
  • Smooth Multi-Cloud Expansion
  • No More Shadow IT

Discover how meshStack can redefine your Cloud Foundation.

Get Valuable Insights into Your Cloud Journey

Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment: Your Roadmap to Cloud Success

With our Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment, we’ll evaluate your current state, develop a custom roadmap, and guide you towards a cloud-native future.

What to Expect:

  • Personalized Insights: Understand where you stand and where you’re headed with our structured evaluation.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage with cloud experts in targeted sessions tailored to your needs.
  • A Proven Methodology: Based on the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM), designed to align with industry-leading practices.
  • Tangible Results: Benefit from our extensive experience in guiding leading companies through their cloud journeys.

Ready to make the next step on your cloud journey?

Get Valuable Insights into Your Cloud Journey

Azure Landing Zone Accelerator: Landing Zone in Just 6 Weeks

Building an Azure Landing Zone? Baffled by complexity? Our Azure Landing Zone Accelerator cuts through the confusion, putting you on a clear path to success.

What We Offer:

  • Hands-On Workshops: Our Azure experts guide you through essential capabilities, week by week.
  • Infrastructure as Code Bootcamp: New to Git or terraform? No worries! Learn the tools and master Infrastructure-as-Code in our one-day bootcamp.
  • Networking Solutions: Cloud-only or on-premise, we’ll help you select the perfect networking setup.
  • Documented Success: From shared responsibility models to identity management, we’ll ensure you have a comprehensive understanding.

Whether you’re an Azure novice or looking to enhance your skills, our Landing Zone Accelerator is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to take control of your organization’s Azure journey.

Landing Zone Accelerator

What does cloud transformation mean to you?

Cloud Foundation with meshStack – Advantages for Every Stakeholder

I am an Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect

Enable the business while maintaining control over security and costs in the cloud. With meshStack, the cloud journey is viewed holistically: From cloud onboarding to internal cost allocation, transparent and integrated on one platform, specialized for central cloud foundation teams.

More for Enterprise Architects
Mr. Platform Engineer

Platform Engineer

Stop wasting time processing regular customer requests. With meshStack, you can bring standardized building blocks (e.g. based on terraform) from the Git repository into self-service for your application teams without any detours.

More for Platform Engineers


As a top management decision-maker, you want to make your company digitally successful. A successful cloud transformation, towards a cloud-native company, is one of the central levers for growth and success. Stay in control of your technology landscape and remain digitally confident.

More for CxOs

Security Officer

Afraid of audits, due to lack of consistency and standardization in securing cloud environments? meshStack not only captures standardized meta-data for each cloud project, but also enforces security controls uniformly and preemptively across the cloud.

More for Security Officers

Application Teams

Don’t wait for cloud accounts, network services and DevOps tools anymore. With meshStack, you get direct access to cloud infrastructure and tools for any use case, whether cloud-native development, container application or lift & shift project.

More for Application Teams

Controller (FinOps)

No manual offsets, no unnoticed budget overruns, no bill shock. Achieve automated and complete allocation of all cloud costs incurred, real-time control of budgets by teams, and visibility into current budget usage at any time.

More for Controllers

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RheinEnergie & meshcloud

Facing the complexities of a changing energy market, RheinEnergie, a leading energy provider in Germany, turned to meshcloud’s Cloud Foundation platform. Through our tailored solutions, RheinEnergie is able to operate and scale the cloud with a team of two.

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Landing Zones 101

Join us for an immersive 2.5-hour workshop and build a solid foundation in landing zone management. Learn best practices for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform through practical examples, live demonstrations, and valuable interactions with other cloud professionals.

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