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Learn more on how meshcloud helps enterprises to control and secure their multi-cloud environment.

FinOps Whitepaper

Whitepaper: FinOps – An essential Addition to your Cloud Toolbox

FinOps is catching on as a practice in more and more organizations. This addition to the DevOps toolbox promises more transparency and control when it comes to cloud costs.


Cloud Organizational Structure

Whitepaper: Best Practices - Organizational Structure in the Cloud

Not properly planning and executing organizational structure in the cloud costs companies efficiency, security, and digital sovereignty. This whitepaper provides insight into the best practices that have emerged for organizational design in the cloud.


Cloud Organizational Structure

Whitepaper: Modeling your Organizational Resource Hierarchy in Azure

As one of the first steps when moving to Azure, you'll have to define an account setup that suits your organization. In our whitepaper, we present best-practices, introduce different options and discuss their implications on Billing, IAM and Multi-Cloud Governance.


Whitepaper: Secure Self-Service and Cloud Governance

Cloud Self-Service – Key to Success: If you slow down, you lose. Cloud use cases thrive on the speed with which they can be realized. Short decision-making paths and maximum automation during setup and onboarding are therefore mandatory. A self-service approach for the user is ideal for this. Security and speed of implementation are provided by automated platforms.


Factsheet: Cloud-native Service Marketplace

Certain types of cloud infrastructure services are used by many DevOps teams as they are not specific to a certain application.

In order to avoid that such services have to be rebuilt from scratch we introduce our Service Marketplace.


Factsheet: Abstraction Layer vs. Cloud-Native Access

When setting up a cloud governance solution there are two poles of a spectrum to think about: Full control provided by an abstraction layer and full flexibility and agility by working cloud-native. Especially in highly regulated industries control is important while agility stays essential for business success.
Find out how to make the most of your cloud governance.


meshcloud Onepager

meshcloud Brief Description

Large organizations use meshcloud to deliver secure cloud environments to thousands of DevOps teams, while maintaining control and reducing complexity. Learn more on what we offer and who will benefit in our Onepager.


If you want to learn more on our cloud philosophy, have a look at our blog.

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