Multi-Cloud Maturity Title

The path to proper multi-cloud management – a maturity model

Cloud means Multi-Cloud The cloud is the foundation of an efficient IT operation in the digital age. More often than not, one cloud platform is not sufficient for at least two reasons: 1) Different cloud platforms service different purposes and each has specific strengths and weaknesses hence embracing the plurality of platforms in a best-of-bread […]

The Cloud Project Lifecycle

The Cloud Project Lifecycle

How you implement cloud computing technologies matters Cloud technologies are an essential tool to increase software delivery performance. They bring the necessary automation and scalability that enables developers to spin up instances within minutes, get their applications up and running and implement CI/CD routines to develop software faster and close to customer requirements. However, the […]

6 Reasons for Multi-Cloud

One cloud is not enough: By now 81% of companies follow Multi-Cloud strategies. That makes it likely, that on top of managing your cloud migration you have to take care of managing the use of multiple cloud platforms as well – but when done right, the benefits outweigh the possible administrative overhead in many ways. […]


What Is Multi-Cloud And Why Should I Care

Multi-Clouds have been a widely discussed topic among CIOs and IT managers of large corporations in the past years. The „State of the Cloud 2018“ report states that 81% of companies follow a Multi-Cloud strategy. A couple of months later, the „State of DevOps 2018“ report finds that 54% of companies already use multiple cloud […]

Shadow IT is a risk in multi cloud managment

Unter dem Radar: Risikofaktor Schatten-IT

Die Forderung von Mitarbeitern an IT ist klar: flexibel, anpassbar und auf die Prozesse der Fachabteilungen zugeschnitten. Dieser Wunsch wird in vielen Unternehmen auf eigene Faust erfüllt – vorbei an der offiziellen Infrastruktur wird das zum unkalkulierbaren Kosten- und Sicherheitsrisiko. Wer ein Tool entdeckt, das die Arbeit erleichtert, hält sich selten mit den Vorschriften der […]

Platform services model classification – be aware of what you need

Platform services play an increasingly important role in cloud infrastructures. They enable application operators to quickly stick together the dependencies they need to run their applications. For example, when deploying your application and you need a database, you just request a service instance for the database of your choice and connect it to your application. […]