December Release Notes (2017)

By Christina Kraus28. Dezember 2017

New meshcloud Features

We are happy to introduce you to a couple of new features that we have been working on in the past couple of weeks. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

OpenStack upgrade

We upgraded our platform from OpenStack Mitaka to Ocata in september. This change has improved platform stability and will enable us to include further services soon. Stay tuned, we will let you know.

Improved Cloud Foundry integration

If you already are a regular Cloud Foundry user, you probably have realized that accessing the Cloud Foundry CLI from our meshPanel has become much easier. Clicking the “Get Passcode”-Link will directly display the Passcode that you need to authenticate against the Cloud Foundry CLI. All intermediate steps have been removed.

Improved resource statistics

To give you a better overview on your resource usage, we extended our stats section in your project dashboard. You now have an overview at first glance on what is running in your project.

Bind volumes to instances via meshPanel

You are now able to create volumes and bind them to your instances via our meshPanel. There is no need to use the OpenStack CLI for this anymore.

Change security groups of running instances

Flexibly add or remove security groups from your running VMs from our meshPanel. It might have happened to you that you created a VM and forgot to make some ports accessible that you need for later use. You can now flexibly edit the security groups related to each of your instances.