US-Datenschutz weiter geschwächt

US-Präsident Donald Trump hat eine Executive Order unterzeichnet, die den Datenschutz für Ausländer weiter schwächen könnte, wie heise berichtete. In der Anweisung vom 25. Januar 2017 steht in Abschnitt 14:

Sec. 14. Privacy Act. Agencies shall, to the extent consistent with applicable law, ensure that their privacy policies exclude persons who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents from the protections of the Privacy Act regarding personally identifiable information. (Hervorhebung durch uns)

Dies bedeutet, dass US-Behörden ausländische Personen bei Datenschutzregelungen außen vor lassen sollen, was dem noch relativ jungen Privacy Shield-Abkommen zwischen der EU und den USA schaden könnte. Dieses Abkommen wurde als Nachfolger der in Folge des NSA-Skandals verworfenen "Safe Harbour"-Regelung ausgehandelt und erfordert ein vergleichbares Datenschutzniveau, um personenbezogene Daten von EU-Bürgern auf US-Territorium verarbeiten zu dürfen.  Durch die neue Regelung könnte in Zukunft eine rechtliche Unsicherheit beim Speichern und Verarbeiten personenbezogener Daten auf dem Territorium der USA entstehen. Unternehmen sollten daher sicherheitshalber ausschließlich auf europäische Anbieter zurückgreifen.

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mesh– what?

What is meshcloud about?

Well, about cloud obviously. But to mesh means to take cloud to the next level: We strive to turn cloud infrastructure into what it should be – flexible, ready-to-use modules you plug together to build a solution for your requirements while keeping full control over resources and costs. Therefore, we build a mesh in two dimensions: Different providers across the world offer their hardware for our services and connect their locations with our cloud federation. In each of these locations, we provide a cloud stack to our customers with services on different layers – IaaS, PaaS for now and possibly more in the future. Welcome to meshcloud – the open cloud federation.

Who we are and what we do

At first sight, we are all connected by attending TU Darmstadt at some stage of our academic career. But at a closer look, we all contribute quite different personalities, experiences and backgrounds to our project. Still, we all share the same ambition and excitement about our project and its purpose. We will add information about our progress and offers on this website, so please make sure to sign up to stay updated.

About this blog

meshcloud makes cloud computing pleasant and easy to handle. As a contribution, we will use this blog to share experiences that we make on our way and to shed light on technical challenges that come up during our work. In this way, we want to let you benefit from our learnings, help you be successful in cloud technologies and to give back to the community which creates so many great open source software projects.


That's us. Up in the clouds :-)