Cloud Maturity Assessment by meshcloud

Start Here: Your Path to Cloud-Native Success

The meshcloud cloud maturity assessment let's you see what you have achieved, develop your roadmap, and clear the path to a cloud-native future!

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What to expect from our cloud maturity assessment

We help you answer the hard questions:

  • What capabilities do I need to cover with my Cloud Foundation?
  • What options do I have to implement them?
  • In what order should I implement these capabilities?
  • How do I implement capabilities that scale better?
  • What will my cloud foundation look like in the future?
  • How do I support my DevOps teams to shorten their time-to-market?

Your benefits:

  • Positioning: Learn what you have achieved so far
  • Validation: See how the cloud strategy you are pursuing holds up against our cloud foundation maturity model
  • Planning: Identify and prioritize gaps in your capabilities to build your custom cloud foundation roadmap
Creating Multi-Cloud Projects with meshcloud

Building Cloud Foundations is our daily business. With our Cloud Maturity Model, we've helped large enterprises like Volkswagen and Commerzbank to determine their status quo, build a roadmap, and set them up for cloud-native success.

Christina Kraus

CRO and Co-Founder, meshcloud

The Model behind our Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment

We evaluate your cloud maturity based on over 50 building blocks in nine clusters. With the clusters we cover all major topics relevant for building a successful cloud foundation - such as compliance, networking, logging, or chargeback. The building blocks within the clusters each have a different scope: Core, platform or landing zone.

The core building blocks assess all aspects fundamental for your cloud journey. With the platform building blocks we cover the facets specific to the cloud platforms you use. The most granular building blocks look at landing zone maturity.

Cloud Foundation Maturity Graphic by meshcloud

Our Offer: 1 on 1 with Cloud Foundation Experts to set you up for Success

Proven assessment and evaluation of your cloud maturity including detailed roadmap.

One-time fixed price

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This includes

  • Two 2h workshops or a half-day interactive workshop
  • Key results of the workshop as a slide deck and assessment data as structured text file (CSV)
  • All future updated versions of the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model

This is what you get out of it

  • Make use of our in-depth experience and knowledge coming from our work with Cloud Foundations in industry-leading companies.
  • Find a shared language for alignments with internal stakeholders on topics, priorities, scope and roadmap of your cloud foundation.
  • Stay up to date on what's state of the art in building Cloud Foundations in the face of changing technological and cultural shifts in the field.

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