Free Poster: Cloud Maturity Assessment

Get your DIY cloud maturity assessment and plan your path to cloud-native success.

What you can do with this poster:

If you use AWS, Azure or GCP - or all of them - this poster is a great introduction to the meshcloud cloud foundation maturity model.

It enables you to take a detailed snapshot of your cloud transformation. Get together with your team and determine your capabilities in over 50 building blocks and eight clusters that cover your entire cloud setup.

Work with this poster to plan the next steps in your cloud journey and become a true master of the clouds.


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Your benefits

Cloud transformation is hard. Pick up our poster and continue with clarity and confidence.

  • Positioning: Learn what you have achieved so far
  • Validation: See how the cloud strategy you are pursuing holds up against our cloud foundation maturity model
  • Planning: Identify and prioritize gaps in your capabilities to build your custom cloud foundation roadmap

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