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meshcloud is an IT company based in Frankfurt am Main

meshStack - meshcloud's cloud foundation platform - helps large organizations to bring digital innovations to market faster. With easy and secure access to a variety of cloud technologies for software developers, we accelerate our customers' cloud transformation. At the same time the platform provides control and transparency to enable an efficient and secure cloud strategy. Large enterprises use meshStack to deliver cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

For this idea, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has supported meshcloud with the EXIST grant. meshcloud has won the first prize in the competition "Gründerwettbewerb - Digitale Innovationen'' in 2017. In 2018, meshcloud took the second place in the “Frankfurter Gründerpreis”, as well as participating in the German Accelerator. In 2019 meshcloud won the edw Maleki Venture Award for Cyber in the first european digital week.

meshcloud in one sentence

meshcloud reduces cloud complexity – one of the biggest challenges of cloud transformation.

The meshcloud Management team

The meshcloud founders Jörg Gottschlich, Christina Kraus, and Johannes Rudolph, innovatively combines their enthusiasm for new technologies. Since the joint foundation of meshcloud in 2017, the three multi-cloud experts have been using their complementary skills and competencies to accelerate the digital transformation and enable cloud-native organizations.

Dr. Jörg Gottschlich, Co-Founder of meshcloud

Dr. Jörg Gottschlich is Co-Founder and CEO of meshcloud. During his Ph.D. at the Department of Electronic Markets at the TU Darmstadt, he deepened his cloud computing expertise and successfully completed research on cloud brokerage and benchmarking. In addition, he has also gained several years of professional experience in strategic consulting for large enterprises within Germany and throughout Europe. Prior to that, he studied Business Informatics at the University of Bamberg.

Christina Kraus, Co-Founder of meshcloud

Christina Kraus - Co-Founder and CRO - is responsible for sales, marketing, and communication at meshcloud. Before founding the company, she worked at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), where she promoted the networking of international smart data initiatives. Christina studied Business Informatics at the TU Darmstadt and graduated with an international master's degree at the TU Berlin as well as in France (UFRT) and Belgium (ULB). During this time she founded and managed a web development agency.

Johannes Rudolph, Co-Founder of meshcloud

Johannes Rudolph - Co-Founder and CTO - is responsible for product development up to the implementation of the software at the customer's site, the product delivery. His deep technical expertise is based on almost ten years of experience as a software developer and three years of entrepreneurial experience as founder and managing director of the IoT company In Motion Software & Sports Technology GmbH. Johannes holds a Master's degree in Business Informatics from the TU Darmstadt.


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