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meshcloud is an IT company based in Frankfurt am Main

The meshcloud platform helps large organizations to bring digital innovations to market faster. With easy and secure access to a variety of cloud technologies for software developers, we accelerate our customers' cloud transformation. At the same time the platform provides control and transparency to enable an efficient and secure cloud strategy. Large enterprises use meshcloud to deliver cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

For this idea, the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy has supported meshcloud with the EXIST grant. meshcloud has won the first prize in the competition "Gründerwettbewerb - Digitale Innovationen '' in 2017. In 2018, meshcloud took the second place in the “Frankfurter Gründerpreis”, as well as participating in the German Accelerator. In 2019 meshcloud won the edw Maleki Venture Award for Cyber in the first european digital week.

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meshcloud reduces cloud complexity - one of the biggest challenges of cloud transformation


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