One Perfect Home for All Your Clouds

meshStack enables Cloud Foundation Teams to offer the best cloud experience for developers. Achieve complete control and full agility: Cloud-native access, secure, compliant, with end-to-end chargeback and in self-service.

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Cloud Foundation Platform


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Accelerate Your Clouds

meshStack is the one, perfect foundation for your cloud transformation: Access clouds, set budgets, split bills, provide landing zones, enforce compliance standards, grow a cloud service ecosystem and much more.

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Cloud Foundation Pillars

Manage all cloud projects

Tenant Management →

Bring everyone to the cloud

Identity & Access Management →

Keep your clouds compliant and secure

Security & Compliance →

Get full transparency on cloud costs

Cost Management →

Offer additional cloud services

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To the Cloud in Seconds

meshStack offers full self-service and cloud-native agility. Secure and compliant cloud access in seconds. Complete with billing information, team invitation, proper tagging and service integration.

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What meshStack does for You

meshStack enables smooth cooperation between the Cloud Foundation Team and application teams across the organization.

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meshStack for CXOs

  • Bring innovative digital products to the market faster by enabling application teams to build in the cloud
  • Reduce operating costs through standardization and a high degree of automation
  • Avoid dependencies on individual cloud providers to preserve digital sovereignty
  • Have full control on your cloud landscape and avoid shadow IT


meshStack for Cloud Foundation Teams

  • Provide an easy to use self-service platform to enable application teams throughout the organization to build in the cloud
  • Set a frame for cloud use within your organization: Define Landing Zones, Tagging Schemes and Cost Models
  • Focus on building new Cloud Foundation capabilities, rather than manual routines for standard processes

meshStack for Developers

  • Onboard to the cloud in self-service within seconds and benefit from standardized security and compliance settings
  • Get native access to cloud consoles and APIs to fully leverage what the cloud providers have to offer
  • Leverage centrally provided services, like CI/CD and other DevOps tools to speed up application development and follow cloud-native practices

Cloud maturity assessment poster with eight topic clusters like IAM, Landing Zones and Compliance and over 50 building blocks.

Get Your Cloud Maturity Poster

The Cloud Foundation Maturity Model provides guidance throughout your Cloud Journey. Use it to learn which capabilities you'll need to build a successful Cloud Foundation.